Tuesday, August 19, 2014

1 month + 1 week

I have been such a bad blogger! I don't have much of excuse except that it is hard to type a blog post with one hand...I'm almost always holding or nursing Eli.

Speaking of Eli....
He is 1 month and 1 week old! I meant to write a post on his 1 month but I didn't get around to it. So, this will have to do!

Wow has he grown! He is just becoming this little person and looks more squishy baby like. He is really filling out and learning and discovering new things every day! He is so observant. whenever he is awake, he is constantly looking around, staring at people, walls, fans. He loves looking at this nursery wall because of the contrast of the trees on the wall. He is really able to see them well. He has been on a few outings. I try to go out on a walk with him during the week. But, if we get out of bed late then it ends up being too hot. He has been to a couple restaurants, where he slept the whole time. His grandparents have been able to get a lot of snuggles in and so has his great grandma/grandpa parker. He had a pretty rough week around week 4. He went through a growth spurt, which meant he was very fussy and wanted to nurse constantly. It lasted about 4 days. It takes a lot of energy to grow!

He has started smiling more and being much more interactive. I love just staring at him as he stares at me I still can't believe I made something so perfect.

He continues to be a champion nurser. I am starting to pump for my frozen stash for when I go back to work. It is starting out slow, but I'm starting to get about 4oz to freeze each day. Hopefully it will keep going up.

He had his first pedi appointment at 3 weeks. It went really well. He weighed 7lbs 11oz. I bet he is about 9lbs now. The pedi was very impressed by his weight gain, since he is exclusively breast fed.

Things he likes:
  • staring at his mom and dad
  • falling sleep in mom and dad's arms
  • Mumford and Sons
  • nursing
  • carried in baby wrap or ergo carrier
Things he doesn't like:
  • wet/dirty diapers
  • diaper changes
  • being put down
  • getting his nails trimmed
  • changing clothes 

I'm sorry if this post is sort of jumbled hard to follow. It has been a whirlwind of a month
Here are a few pictures of our buddy goose.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Eli's Birth Story

Eli’s Birth Story
July 11, 2014
I woke up at 5:20 am to get ready for my second to last day of work. I got up and used the restroom. When I stood up to get ready for a shower I felt a small gush of fluid. My underwear was wet but it wasn’t so much fluid that it got my pants wet. I also had some clear mucous in my underwear. I thought that either my water was leaking or I urinated on myself. Since I was 38w2d pregnant, I could have easily urinated myself due to the size of the baby. I wasn’t having any pain or contractions so I decided to go ahead and take a shower and see how I felt. I continued to get ready for work. I put on my scrubs, fed the cats and dogs. Richard was still asleep but I woke him up a little bit just to let him know that my water might have broken, so he may want to take his hospital bag with him to work with some of his clothes in case something happens while at work. I work at the hospital where I was to deliver, so I knew that no matter what I would be going to the hospital. The only question was if I should go ahead and go to work or go to Women’s Urgent Care first to see. While I was making breakfast I decided to call Women’s Urgent care to tell them my symptoms to see what they recommend I do. The nurse said that it could easily have been urine or my water, but since there was mucus in with it then it sounded more like my water. She said that if I walk around and I continue to get leaking or I sit down and have a “gush” then I should come to Women’s Urgent Care. As I continued to get ready I had a few more episodes of water leaking. I decided that it may be safest to go to Women’s Urgent care first. I called a few people at work to let them know and to see if they could cover me. Of course they said they would. I told them that if it wasn’t my water then I would come to work.
I decided to park in the employee parking lot in case it wasn’t my water and so I wouldn’t have to pay for parking. The problem with that is employee parking is a long long way away from Women’s Urgent Car. Luckily I didn’t have any leaking episodes as I walked there.
I checked into Women’s urgent care and told them that I thought my water had broken. They checked me in. My blood pressure was a little high, but I had just walked a mile, practically. I had to pee in a cup and my urine looked horrible. I had a lot of sediment in it. They checked me in and gave me a bed in the urgent care area…it’s pretty much like an ER but for OB. I had to put on a gown and they hooked me up to a NST (neonatal stress test) monitor. A nursing student helped me get situated, I told her that the leaking started at 5:30 this morning. As I was listening to Eli’s heartbeat and they were looking at the strips I informed my mom and dad what was going on so they could be prepared. The NST looked good so they unhooked me. A resident then came in to check my cervix. OMG did that hurt. I was at 2cm and 80% effaced. It was so so painful and then gush, gush, gush. Water just kept coming out. She said that it definitely looked like my water broke, so she did the fern test just to be sure and it was positive. When the test results came back she told me to call my husband because I would be admitted. I called Richard and he was still asleep. I gave him instructions on what to pack in his bag, where to go, etc. He said his heart was beating so fast and just couldn’t believe this was happening. 

They then transferred me to the labor and delivery unit. Richard came up not too long after. They hooked me up to monitors again, started an IV and fluids. I talked to them a little about my birth plan, but since my water had already broken, things would have to happen faster than normal. The nurse explained that Pitocin would probably be started if my cervix hadn’t changed. The doctor came in and rechecked me and I hadn’t changed. So Pitocin was ordered. My mom showed up not too long after that. I still hadn’t had any contractions.
They started Pitocin at about 10:00am and I started having contractions not too long after it was started. Both Eli and I tolerated the contractions well. I had music playing, Richard and my mom would rub my feet or hands during contractions. It was a very peaceful environment. Because my water had broken, I wasn’t able to walk around like I had hoped I would. After about 6 hours of contractions I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I asked for an Epidural. They came to do the epidural and I was so scared. I was scared about a needle going into my back and being able to stay still while they did the procedure, since I was experiencing painful contractions about every 3 minutes. My family had to leave while they did the epidural. The anesthesiologists were great and my nurse was awesome. After the epidural was placed they checked me and I was only 4cm dilated. I was so upset. My goal was to wait for the epidural until 6cm. I was still experiencing some contraction pain on my left side so they had me lay on my L side so the medicine could move that way. About 30 minutes later I began feeling a lot of rectal pressure so the nurse checked me and she said I was completely dilated and at +1 station!! She called the doctor. I couldn’t believe how fast everything was going and the doctors were shocked as well, since this is my first baby. She began to prep the room for delivery. Richard and I just kept looking at each other in disbelief. I was able to feel the pressure of the contractions and the only way to describe it was that I really had to poop. I felt so stupid explaining that to the doctors. The attending and resident came in and we did a few test pushes. They decided that they would let him labor down the birth canal a little while longer. After the test pushes Richard and I decided that we just wanted it to but us two in the room with the nurse. I then had a contractions and I noticed Eli’s heart beat went down but it wasn’t coming back up. I kept saying “come on baby, come back up”. Before I knew it the doctors and nurses came in quickly and said “It’s time to have a baby!” In hindsight I wonder if they came in with urgency because they knew Eli was in distress, or if they decided I had labored enough. I believe it was the former.
After about 8-10 minutes of pushing his head came out. The cord was wrapped tightly around his neck. I pushed again and he came out. They immediately brought him over to the warming table. I was in shock, I looked at Richard and tears were just rolling down his face. I then realized I hadn’t heard him cry yet. His body was pink but head was blue and his limbs were floppy. After the nurses stimulated him some more he began to cry. The most amazing sound I have ever heard in my entire life. Richard and I just kissed and hugged. 

I ended up having a 2nd degree tear so they began to repair that. They placed Eli on my chest for skin to skin. It was so amazing holding him, feeling him wiggle and just hold him. We also tried breast feeding for the first time and he latched on after a lot of encouragement. After him being on my chest for about an hour they weighed him and measured him. He was 6lb 2.4oz and 19 inches long, He was born at 6:34pm. 13 hours after my water broke I had a son to hold in my arms.
They took him to the transition nursery for routine evaluation and they transferred me to the post-partum floor. They took out my epidural and catheter before this and oh my did the first pee burn!!
They told us he would be in the transition nursery for about 3 hours. We arrived at the post partum floor at about 9:00pm. We got situated and tried to get some sleep before they brought Eli back. We would have him room in with us. I didn’t sleep at all since I was worried about him and 1:30 rolled around and they still hadn’t brought him to us. Of course the worst case scenarios came to mind. At about 2:00 they finally brought him in to us. I began breast feeding and he latched on much better. Neither Richard nor I got much sleep at all. We did sleep better with him in the room with us, but we slept with one ear open and would check on him with every movement and coo. We survived though. During the next couple of days the nurses came in to help me with breast feeding, the lactation nurse came to see us. The doctors checked on me and on Eli. Mostly we hung out in our hospital room, had visitors come to see and hold him. My grandparents came to hold their first great grandchild. My parents came to hold their first grandchild and Richard’s parents came to hold their first grandchild. It was so special to have everyone experience this miracle. We were so overwhelmed with love for Eli.
We were able to go home the next day, 2 days post partum. We were so ready to be in our own space. Now the adventure begins!!!!
We have been home for a few days and things are going great. He is a breastfeeding champ. My milk has come in and he is a very mellow baby (so far). We are just so in love. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

37 Weeks- Full term watermelon!!

37 weeks Today!! Eli is officially full term, although he will be cooking for another couple weeks or so. But, he can come any time he wants! It is all up to him! The last 3 weeks have been pretty good. I honestly have no right to complain too much about this pregnancy. Have I had a good night sleep in the last few months? No. But, I haven't had any real complications. This has been a relatively normal, easy pregnancy and I am so so grateful for that! We have had some great OB appts! The last two appts have been with a different doctor, Dr. C. I like her! The chances of my doctor being on-call when I give birth is low (actually she is just on-call July 27th...), So I am glad we met another doctor, although I doubt she will be on-call either. Eli's heart beat has consistently been about 142. I am measuring right on track and blood pressure has been great! I forgot to look at today's blood pressure though...
Lately: We had our birth class and it went well. We also got to tour the unit. Since I work at the hospital where I will be giving birth, I have the chance of getting the coveted "employee suite". The only problem is that there is only one, so if some beats me to it, then I get a regular room. Boo! So these other ladies better keep their babies in!! I have cut down a lot on work. I am still working a few 12 hour shifts, but I have cut down one of the shifts to 8 hours and if someone asks to work a shift for me then I will not argue = ). I also completed my FMLA paperwork and turned it in. I will be out approx. July 23-Oct 15. Then hubby will be out of work from Oct 16-Nov. 27 (maybe Dec. 1 because of thanksgiving holiday) and then my parents have graciously offered to keep him on our days off, the month of December so that we can keep him out of day care until January. Yay!! We have been cleaning house, I have packed most of the hospital bags and scheduled the car seat inspection for the 16th!
Today's appointment: Today's appt went very well. I was, somehow, still able to successfully pee in that darn cup (it's hard when you can't see past your stomach). I told the nurse not to tell me what my weight is and I forgot to look at my blood pressure. Hubby was able to come to the appointment today = ). I am measuring on track, his HB is 142 and Dr. C. was happy with how things are. We talked some about birth control for after he comes. I am going between the Copper IUD and the Mirena. The Copper IUD is hormone free, which is great, but it can cause heavier periods and more painful periods, which has been a real problem for me before. The Mirena is a hormonal IUD, which is a drawback, but it sounds like it is localized and estrogen free, it uses progesterone. I'll have to talk more with Dr. H about what she recommends and if anyone has experience with either of these...please let me know what you think! My RE said that the hormonal birth control pills did not lead to my infertility problems, but I just can't help but wonder, which is why I was leaning towards hormone free. We were also able to get an ultrasound today!! Hubby hasn't seen Eli since 18 weeks. I was so glad that he was able to see him today! The ultrasound went great! He is head down and very very low. All his parts are measuring on track and his estimated weight is 7lb 6oz! Big Boy!! It was hard to get a good pictures because he is so big and is running out of room. Over all, things are looking great!!

creepy profile
creepy profile
looking up his nose and mouth with his hand on the left.

How Far Along: 37 Weeks
 Total Weight Gain: +a lot

Maternity Clothes: they are a must
 Stretch Marks: I find new ones every day! It's like a horrible horrible scavenger hunt.
Sleep: Horrible. I just can't get comfortable. 
 Best Moment This Week: A great OB appt. 
 Miss Anything: I miss sleep and being able to get up without needing a fork lift to lift me up. I also miss having my body as my own. It's just getting out of control. 
Movement: He's definitely active!
 Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Not really. I have had about 3 episodes, while I am sleeping, of bile all of a sudden being in my throat. I have to leap up (that is difficult for a pregnant lady) so I don't choke or throw up everywhere. Not fun. 
Cravings:I'll eat just about everything and anything...hence the big girl pics.
Gender: IT'S A BOY!!!! Eli Preston!!
Labor Signs: I have had some braxton hicks contractions in the mornings. they tend to be back to back but go away after I eat or drink in the morning.
Symptoms: Just general uncomfortableness, heartburn and the pregnant waddle.
Belly Button In or Out: Still in! 
Wedding Rings On or Off:Wedding ring is on, but I took off my engagement ring. 
Feeling:I'm getting pretty ready for him to be here = ) I both want to meet him and not be pregnant anymore.
Exercise: Yeah, not happening.
Looking Forward To: Last work day is July 12th and just ready to see what each day brings!
 Next Appointment: July 16th

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

34 Weeks- 6 to go!

I hate to be a complainer, but 3rd tri is for the birds.
Starting Saturday I began having a lot of lower abdominal/back cramping/pressure and pressure in my bottom. The cramping was constant, nothing I could time. I was able to relax, lay down and prop my feet up. I was able to get through work "ok" on Monday. It was my 8 hour day, so it was good knowing that I wouldn't have to try to get through a full 12 hour shift. I had a very difficult patient that was very paranoid, psychotic and scared. When I was talking to her, trying to get her away from the unit doors so she wouldn't sneak out and leave, she said "you won't live to see your baby because I will kill you". I have worked in psych long enough to know not to take anything they say personally. This was a tough one though. Her comment sort of haunted me the rest of the day and I stayed clear of her, had other staff give her injections, etc. Luckily my co-workers are protective of me and didn't let me get close to her anyways. You just never know if the patients will kick or punch, so better safe than sorry!!
On Tuesday I was having the cramping/pressure again. I had to sit down fairly early on in the shift and have a co-worker give out the rest of my medicines. It was still the constant cramping, nothing I could time, but more intense. I wasn't able to lay down and prop my feet up like I did Saturday, so I knew it was going to be a long long shift. The pain became a little worst and tylenol wasn't helping, so I told our scheduler that I didn't think i could make it through the full 12 hours and hoped she could find someone to relieve me at work, and I called my OB's nurse to make sure they didn't want me to go to womens urgent care since I was at the hospital anyways. Luckily they were able to find me some relief at 2:00pm and my OB's nurse said to relax, take tylenol and benadryl and call back if they become timeable or even more intense. I had an already scheduled OB appt the next day, so that made me feel better. So, long story short is that I wasn't able to get through a 12 hour shift.

Today: Hubby and I went to visit another daycare center close to our house. They said we could drop by any time (good thing), the price is the same as the other day care center we looked at (good thing), and it is a smaller facility, so they don't take as many infants at one time as the other place (good thing), and I looked at the facilities facebook pictures and it looked like they took the older kids on a lot of fun field trips (good thing). When we went to visit everyone was very nice, they welcomed us in, introduced us to everyone. We saw the 3 & 4 year olds. they were doing crafts, coloring and they all seemed happy. The kids were friendly as well. We then went into the infant room. They take 10 infants at the time with 2 staff. They have consistent staff to help with consistent care and the workers work partial shifts so they don't get burnt out. The little infants were so cute!! They each have their own crib that is assigned to them and only go in the crib for naps. When not napping they are roaming around, in the swings, being held, etc. They also make a point to try to keep to the same feeding schedule used at home, they have a fridge for breast milk storage. We were happy with it = ) We can't turn in our registration paper until he is born because don't have a birth date or SS# yet, but she didn't think it would be a problem to get him in. We will need childcare starting January.
I also had an OB appt today. I have to say, it is getting harder and harder to pee in a freaking cup! I can't see where I am aiming! Anyways, I did it. Blood pressure was great, weight was higher than I care for, but what can you do? I told the nurse about the cramping/pressure, feels like I have to have a BM a lot, increased clear drainage, concerns about a UTI, etc. My OB took everything seriously. She did a strep B test, amniotic fluid test and cervical check (OUCH!!!). I am measuring on track externally and Eli's HB was 151...he kicked the doppler wand too = ) He didn't like the cold gel I don't think. My strep B was negative and negative for amniotic fluid leakage. My cervix is soft and closed. She said everything is going perfectly, she doesn't anticipate an early delivery and that (unfortunately) the discomfort is just my new normal for now. Now that I know the cramping/pressure is normal, then I can deal with it. It's the unknown that worried me. I have nothing to compare normal from abnormal. I just hope I can get through the rest of my scheduled work days and I will take it easy if I have to.

Kitty lovein'

How Far Along: 34 Weeks
 Total Weight Gain: +30lbs

Maternity Clothes: they are a must
 Stretch Marks:
Sleep: yeah...not happening. I think my body is just getting me used to no sleep for when Eli gets here. I either wake up because I am too much on my stomach/back and my body tells me to reposition, or I have to pee. Usually these to alternate so I wake up quite frequently. 
 Best Moment This Week: A good OB appt. 
 Miss Anything: Sleep and being able to function properly. I feel like I am letting people down at work because I can't work fully. I also have a nursing student with me all summer, so I worry I am giving her a raw deal because I am not working at my full potential, not to mention having to leave work early! I don't think anyone at work thinks less of me, since I am trying at 8+ months pregnant, I just want to pull my full load and I can't right now.  
Movement: He has been moving well. definite moments of awake and sleep. He has caught me off guard with a couple kicks to the ribs/diaphragm and then follows that up with a punch to the hip/groin area.
 Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Nope, i have gotten nauseous due to heart burn a few times at night. All good though = )
Cravings: Anything strawberry and I am ready for some more CRAWFISH!!!
Gender: IT'S A BOY!!!! Eli Preston!!
Labor Signs:No, everything checked out ok at my appt!
Symptoms: Blah, I'm just uncomfortable and hot and I can't sleep.cramping and pressure has started as well.
Belly Button In or Out: Still in! 
Wedding Rings On or Off:Wedding ring is on, but I took off my engagement ring. 
Feeling: I am just relieved that everything is ok in there and my OB feels like there is no reason he would come early. Relief is my feeling for the day = )
Exercise:I'm trying. It is so freaking hot and I'm uncomfortable. I take the stairs if going up one floor. I haven't gone out walking in the neighborhood. I think I am scared to go out alone, just in case I get halfway away from the house and can't get home. Maybe it's an excuse.
Looking Forward To: We have our birth class next week, which includes a hospital tour. That should be fun.
 Next Appointment: June 25th...last every 2 week appt!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

32 Weeks

Ok, technically it is 32 weeks 1 day because I did do this yesterday = ). 
I have about 8 more weeks (give or take) before we meet Eli Preston. I can not wait to see who he looks like, what features he gets from me and what features he gets from hubby. I can't help but hope he has my curly hair, hubby's blue eyes and cleft chin. I am excited to see what his personality will be like, what he likes and dislikes. 
To be honest though...I am pretty scared about the actual labor/birth process. I know it's going to hurt, how much will I be able to handle? Will I be able to do a natural delivery? will he want to breast feed as soon as he is born? 
So many unknowns and it is scary, overwhelming, exciting, nerve racking. 
Will we have everything ready for him? I have been nesting like crazy. I have washed all of his clothes, washed the rock n play, swing, carrier, anything that can/needs to be washed. I have found places in the nursery for pretty much everything. 
There is still work to do. I feel like my mind is constantly thinking of things that need to be done and I need to do it right then. This has caused me to not feel my best and my feet to swell. I know I need to relax on my days off but there is just so much that needs to be done. 
I had my 32week OB appt. yesterday and it went well. I had a different OB whom I had never met before. My OB was out of the office that day. She was nice. I am measuring on track and Eli's HB is 143. She short of threw me off guard by focusing the appointment on what hubby and I will do for birth control after Eli is born. She said that breastfeeding may delay ovulation for up to 6 months and it's usually not recommended to have a pregnancy less than 1 year apart. Hubby and I haven't really talked about this, except that both of us have no interest in me going back on the pill. It seems so weird to think about birth control when we went through so much just to get pregnant in the first place. I guess it is possible for things to "reset" after pregnancy. So, no real decisions have been made. 
Anyways, the good stuff. We had our maternity photo-shoot last weekend so I added some of those pictures here. LOVE THEM!!

How Far Along: 32 Weeks
 Total Weight Gain: +25lbs

Maternity Clothes: they are a must
 Stretch Marks: I am starting to develop some on my sides (boo)
Sleep:What is this? Yeah, not happening here. I am so uncomfortable at night that if I do get to sleep then it is not very restful and I wake up frequently.  I am so tired, but yet I can't sleep.
 Best Moment This Week: We had our maternity pictures done and I got to hear his HB again.
 Miss Anything: Sleep, being able to bend down to pick things up, being comfortable and being able to function properly. 
Movement: Oh, he has been moving great! There was a big movement Tuesday while I was driving home from work. I was a little worried he had turned because he was head down before. I guess we will just have to see! They can flip and turn all the way up to due date, so hopefully by the time delivery arrives he will be in the proper position. 
 Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Not really, I have been getting bad heartburn at night. 
Cravings: Anything strawberry, I ate a whole watermelon and a whole cantaloupe, yummmmm
Gender: IT'S A BOY!!!! Eli Preston!!
Labor Signs: I've had some Braxton Hicks type contractions. They aren't very noticable but at times I will notice that I feel like I am having period cramps, like I am about to start my period any minute. Not too bad yet though.
Symptoms: Blah, I'm just uncomfortable and hot and I can't sleep.
Belly Button In or Out:I can't believe it, but it's still in! 
Wedding Rings On or Off:Wedding ring is off, but I took of my engagement ring. 
Feeling: anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, excited, tired (yes, already and yes, I know it will only get worst)
Exercise:I'm trying. It is just so dang hot here and I am so dang uncomfortable. 
Looking Forward To: every week he is on the inside, the better. We have birth class next month. I'm just anxious to see what each week brings. I pray my BP continues to be good and pre-eclampsia doesn't hit, I pray he keeps cooking as long as possible, and I pray I can keep working as long as possible. 
 Next Appointment: June 11th